Travel from Cusco to Puno

:: Luxurious travel cusco puno in the andean explorer train

This spectacular rail journey begins in historic Cusco, heading to the south of the beautiful city of Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca. You can choose between the cars of the Andean Explorer to have the perfect opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery through the car windows wide viewpoint.

The train begins a gentle climb to higher ground and cold. The magnificent Andean mountains dominate the first half of Travel towering over deep valleys and the meandering River Huatanay.Upon reaching the smooth plains is possible to see Andean vicuña and alpaca grazing.

The journey is broken at La Raya, mandatory stop to admire the scenery from the highest point on the route.

  • Output: Wanchaq station (Cusco)
  • Trip Duration: 10 Hours.
  • Arrival: Puno Station


  • From April to October: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  • From November to March: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

This includes:

  • Travel by train between Cusco and Lake Titicaca
  • Lunch (Hall, main course and dessert)
To go on the Train Andean Explorer should increase the cost of the package Prices
Travel from Cusco to Puno 290
Travel from Puno to Cusco 
Travel from Cusco to Puno

Travel from Cusco to Puno