Leading Travel Peru, are a group of professionals with extensive experience in travel advice, designed the trips according to your needs whether business, holiday, corporate or students.

Leading Travel Peru .

It's a Peruvian Travel Agency and Tourism, officially established and operating in Cusco, Peru and throughout Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador and offers personalized service, assigning an executive sales specialist for each client according to each case. You can plan your trip and make your airline reservations, hotels, cars, besides buying tour packages all from the comfort of your home or office with ease, security and speed. Also we offer tour packages in Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, and the best promotional rates and packages market tours within Peru and South America.
We also offer a wide range of travel services such as hotels, trains, buses, entrance ticket to Machu Picchu, advice before and after your trip.

Personalized Service:

You tell us your requirements by  mail and we made him and booked your trip to suit you. Write us and get tourist information for the best deals on the market with reduced prices.

Leading Peru Travel.

Your travel agent will have the honor to serve them and soon hope to contact you and provide the best of our services.


Peru Travel Services is:

  1. Design and development of Travel Packages nationwide.
  2. Adventure tourism (trekking, climbing, camping, rafting, boating, biking, and much more).
  3. Tour Packages for Special Groups (scientific research, studies, events, etc).
  4. Tour Packages honeymoons.
  5. Tour Packages for public and private institutions.
  6. Car hire.
  7. Hotels.
  8. Excursions.
  9. Full days.
  10. City Tours.
  11. Transportation: bus station or airport hotel and vice versa.
  12. Tourist Information, Advice for travelers.


Since the establishment, our mission is to enable visitors to find information about the best destinations and tourist services at the best price and quality. Our goal is to be the main tourist site in Peru, Tourist bookings for mainly Peru and South America.

Queries through the web, visitors and / or tourists who need more information, we can write to our email contact (E_mail).


In the next five years we want to be, the leader in Peru: Tourist information, consultation via the Internet, we want to be the best alternative to Cusco Tourist bookings and other regions of Peru. Leveraging our strengths and opportunities every day. Customize Tour Packages and sell quality, prices, experience and professionalism, thus achieving customer satisfaction which will make our best and different from the other company, but without forgetting our commitment to continue spreading the resources and services Interested in our region and Peru. |